Unspoken Words - "Messages left for a Lifetime"
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"Hands down this is the best gift you could leave your loved ones before passing. It's like having Emotional Insurance, you never know when it's your day. You know people plan and make sure their financials are in order before they pass but they're missing the most important item...that's EMOTIONS. This service helps with the closure of one's passing and allows Family and Friends to capture the love, memories and encouragement in a time capsule that will last a lifetime."
Chris Sonksen
"Thanks for the opportunity to let me be a part of Unspoken Words. I wish this would have been around before Debbie's passing. I hear her voice in my head but I wish I had her voice on CD so I could play it over and over again. Thanks again."
Allen Sloan
The idea of Unspoken Words is fantastic. Having the opportunity to express my feelings to my loved ones after I am gone is such a complete feeling. I am consistently impressed by this idea and service. Thank you Unspoken Words for helping me leave my unsaid words!”
Lisa Smith
"When I first heard of Unspoken Words, I thought it was a fantastic idea, but it did not apply to me. I was 39 years old with perfect health. The idea must be intended for older individuals or people with risky jobs. As I pondered the idea a little more, I realized it didn't matter my current status. Life is a risky job, and if I died tomorrow there would be things left unsaid. Unspoken Words helps fill the void that would be left behind. Thank you for this brilliant idea and service."
Nathan Thompson
"What a great and wonderful service this is. I’ve been in the insurance business for 25 years. In the course of my years in business, I have sold many life insurance policies and delivered their proceeds to survivors. Being able to bring a check to provide financial security to a grieving family is a gratifying experience. Your “Unspoken Words” business is an additional measure of love and comfort that could not be purchased at any price once someone is gone. God Bless you and this wonderful business."   
Cathy Sommese
State Farm Insurance
As someone who is easily intimidated by technology, Unspoken Words is the perfect company for me. Thanks to help from the wonderful people there, I’m able to create this gift for my family all by myself. When the time comes for them to receive it, I know they will be surprised. Thank you for helping me do something I could have never done on my own.
Susan Lieborn
 I’m a little unconventional, so I think that the idea that I get to have the last word at my own funeral is brilliant!! In all seriousness, this is a great product that is not only a joy to create, but a wonderful gift for those who will receive it.
George Puttingston
Private Investor
I am giving an Unspoken Words certificate to a dear friend and mentor. I pray that he has many years of life left, yet, when it is his turn to leave this earth, I know there will be so many people who will want to hear his last words of wisdom. As a man who affected so many lives, it only makes sense that he would leave this kind of legacy.
Paul Shank
Our Mission Statement
“Expressing your heart to loved ones left behind by gifting them with a beautiful message of memories they will cherish forever"