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New Speech Being Added to Funeral and Memorial Services
April 2011 — You will always be my princess, baby girl. You made your old man proud, son. Thanks, Mom, for helping me believe I could do anything. Grandpa, you are my hero. Words such as these are valuable gifts, and when loved ones pass, words such as these become priceless treasures. Unfortunately, few have the foresight to preserve such sentiments, so instead of being a source of comfort to go to during mourning, those words become just a sweet memory that fades over time. Even more upsetting is that many pass leaving such important words unspoken. Thankfully, a new trend in funeral services is addressing this problem. It’s called the ilogy.
Eulogies are an important part of a funeral service, but what final words might the person in the casket like to say? Unspoken Words, a unique messaging service designed to help individuals prepare and record their final words for family (personal ilogy) and funeral attendees (public ilogy) has some ideas.  A eulogy is a funeral speech intended to praise, honor, and commemorate the life of a deceased person. The ilogy is a pre-arranged oral memorial that allows the deceased a formal opportunity to say goodbye and thank loved ones for sharing the in the life. Profound healing and life change can take place when the legacy of a well planned message is left behind. Unspoken Words is the originator of the ilogy concept and the only company offering educational and technological assistance with such a message.
The $229 package includes comprehensive ilogy etiquette/tips for organizing the messages, access to confidential/secured voice recording equipment via a toll free phone number, and a professionally produced CD of the messages. This service is for those who work in high risk careers, those who are terminally ill, those who already have funeral pre-arrangements, those who aren’t sure how to prepare such a message, and those who are not comfortable using technology. Susan Lieborn said, “As someone who is easily intimidated by technology, Unspoken Words is the perfect company for me. Thanks to help from the wonderful people there, I’m able to create this gift for my family all by myself. This is something I could have never done on my own.”  Really, this service is for anyone who will leave loved ones behind when they pass.
George Puttingston argues, “I’m a little unconventional, so I think that the idea that I get to have the last word at my own funeral is brilliant!! In all seriousness, this is a great product that is not only a joy to create, but a wonderful gift for those who will receive it.” A decade ago web streaming memorials and online guest books may have sounded like inappropriate ideas for a funeral. Today new applications of existing technology are enhancing memorial services across the United States. The ilogy is a superior enhancement as there is nothing as touching as a loved one’s voice leaving no words unspoken.
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