Unspoken Words - "Messages left for a Lifetime"
One of the easiest ways to understand an ilogy is by comparing it to a eulogy. Our service allows you to record both a short public ilogy (to be played at your funeral service) and a longer personal ilogy to be given to your loved ones (to play whenever they wish).
dee dee, unspoken words, left behind, deathEU-LO-GY (Noun)
1. A speech to praise, honor, and commemorate the life of a deceased person.
2. The “sending off” message.
3. Oral memorial where loved ones formally say goodbye and celebrate a life well lived.
I-LO-GY (Noun)
1. A speech to praise, honor, and commemorate the lives of those who impacted the deceased person.
2. The “sending on” message.
3. Oral memorial that allows the deceased a formal opportunity to say goodbye and thank loved ones for sharing in the life.
Who is this service for?
GuinessWindow.jpg, left behind We believe this service is for everyone.  We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to hear a heartfelt message from a person that they love. Obviously, there is a unique urgency for those who are terminally ill, or those who work in high risk careers (police officers, fire fighters, military, etc.), but ultimately, our mortality is one thing that we all have in common. Eventually, all of us will pass, and the majority of us don’t know when that day will be. After experiencing the sudden, unexpected loss of too many friends in the last few years, we whole-heartedly believe that now is the right time for everyone to do this.
I’ve never seen this before at a funeral. Will it be strange at mine?
Vistaprint Library Image, foreverBusinesses of all types are incorporating technology into their services, and the funeral industry is no exception. It is not uncommon to see video montages at a funeral service or a dedicated web page for loved ones to blog about the deceased. Many funeral homes are beginning to offer live webcam recordings of the service so that those who are unable to attend can view it online. Like the service that we offer, none of these additions are new technology, just a new application of existing technology.  We believe that all of them improve the traditional funeral service. Anything that makes that day more accessible for others and brings joy to those in attendance is a positive addition. The day of a funeral is a very emotional day for those left behind. Because a message left with good intentions can comfort the hearts of those grieving in a very powerful way, one day, the ilogy will be just as common as the eulogy.
Isabelle.JPG officer, left behindWhy can’t I just make my own message?
It is true that anyone can write out their last words to their family and friends. If you’re technologically savvy, and you have the proper equipment, you could even record a message.  Why use our service then? Please allow us to give you just some of the reasons:
1) QUALITY- We use professional recording equipment that is generally not affordable to the average consumer. The result is a recording that will sound much better than a home recording when played on that important day. The final product has a professional appearance-from the name of our trusted company, to the quality packaging, to the short introduction played before your recording-that make it an acceptable, seamless inclusion for anyone officiating the service.
2) ASSISTANCE- Most of us don’t like to be reminded that our days are numbered. The idea of officially recording our last words can be a daunting task. As a result, many of us either never get to it, or we leave behind a message that is disjointed and awkward, and doesn’t leave the lasting impression that we intended. Your final words will be treasured by your loved ones, so we think it is important that you get them right. As part of our service we provide samples of Ilogies, instructions for organizing an effective message, and direction to help generate content for your message.
3) A PROVEN SYSTEM- It is not uncommon to enlist the help of professionals to assist with finishing touches for important events like weddings, funerals, and special birthdays.  For example, you could probably bake a birthday cake, but most would rather order one from a baker who has the skill to make it look amazing. You may like taking photos, but still, you would likely hire a photographer to capture your wedding day. Although you might have a gorgeous rose garden, it’s not likely that you’d make your own arrangement to send as a bereavement gift, you would use a florist to make the delivery. The creation and preservation of your ilogy is one of those things that is best done with the help of professionals as well. Not only is it is just too important a gift for your family to piece together on your own, but the funeral organizer will appreciate the quality of a professional product as well. Additionally, your message is preserved on a secure system. In the event that your recording becomes damaged or lost, we can easily access and replace your original message.
Vistaprint Library Image, funeral What do I do with my message once it is completed?
We suggest that you give a copy of the CD to a trusted friend or family member, and that you keep a copy in your safe along with your other important documents. Some of our customers share the CD with family right away so that it is handled according to their wishes when the time comes. Others have chosen to keep it a secret from their spouse or children so that it is a surprise gift. Either way, we suggest that at least one other person should be made aware of its existence. If you have a will, we recommend that instructions regarding the recordings be outlined in your will so that the ilogy and personal recording are handled properly in your absence. Our contact information is clearly listed on the CD should anyone need additional assistance with your secured recording.
What if I want to change my message at some point in the future?

Because life is full of changes, we recommend you review your message annually like you would your will or other important documents.  It might be that someone addressed in the ilogy has passed, or perhaps there is an addition to your family that you would like to acknowledge. The idea is to keep the message relevant at its time of delivery, although, most of the time your original recording will be just fine and there will not be a reason to redo it. If you find that you would like to update your message, we would be happy to assist you for the nominal fee of $29.This update service includes the recording and securing of your new message, and one CD copy of the new recording. The updated recording must be delivered by the same person who left the original message.
Vistaprint Library Image, ilogy
Can I purchase this as a gift for someone else?
Absolutely. You may have a parent, spouse, or other person in your life who may not initiate something like this on their own, but they would be willing to do it if it were presented to them. Let the person know what they mean to you and how much you would appreciate their legacy preserved for future generations. We find that recipients of this gift are deeply honored that someone finds their words a treasure. An Unspoken Words certificate is also a great corporate gift. Although it may sound strange initially to think of a company giving an employee something that is tied to their death, we think it is no different than a small life insurance policy which is a typical part of a competitive compensation package.  This personal, practical gift may seem almost humorous at first, but long term, it is one that the family of the employee will appreciate so much more than a clock, pen, small bonus, or other traditional gift.