Unspoken Words - "Messages left for a Lifetime"
About Us  
 Unspoken Words is Christian-based company dedicated to helping others bring light to one of life’s most difficult experiences. The vision for this company was inspired by several important events in my life.
The story begins many years ago when my dad was very ill, and I thought that I may lose him. While he was lying in a hospital bed, I remember him sharing some instructions with me about how to live my life. It was important to him to convey what he wanted for me as a husband, as a father, and as his son. I was trying to take it all in, but I remember being distracted by this consuming thought: I wish I had a recording of this moment. These are the words that I want to hear when he is no longer with me to share them.
Fast forward a few years, and my wife and I found ourselves grieving alongside multiple friends who lost their spouses. In some cases, there was time to plan, and in others, the tragic loss was unexpected. Regardless of the circumstances, while sitting at the memorial services, again, I found myself overwhelmed by the weightiness of a single thought: I wonder what words never got said. The eulogy is a wonderful way for those left behind to celebrate memories and express what needs to be said, but I had a curiosity about things the guest of honor might say. As I examined my own life, I realized that if my time on earth ended tomorrow, there are some things that I wish I would have said to my family. I love them dearly, and if I am called to heaven before them, I want to do whatever I can now to expedite their healing.
Thankfully, today my dad is well, and we did get the chance for him to record his message. In fact, he has the distinct honor of being the first recording.  The second recording is mine. I realize that a CD of a loved one’s voice can never replace the person. Yet, as the child of someone who prepared an Unspoken Words message, I also know that there is great relief in such a small thing. Furthermore, as someone who has recorded an Unspoken Words message, I am grateful for the opportunity that it allows me to pass with no regrets. It is an absolute joy to have the privilege now of helping others discover those same feelings.
So, that is the story of us, and how the seed was planted. The overwhelming positive support from friends, family, pastors, referrals, businesses, and funeral homes have helped it to grow into the business it has become today. It is our desire for the ilogy to become a standard part of the funeral service, and for preparing a personal message to be as common as preparing a will. The best part of this story though, is yours. We love to hear from our customers, so please feel free to share with us about the impact of your gift of Unspoken Words.
Our Mission Statement
“Expressing your heart to loved ones left behind by gifting them with a beautiful message of memories they will cherish forever"