Unspoken Words - "Messages left for a Lifetime"
The 7 Steps to your Perfect Gift 
1. Purchase Unspoken Words service
  ·A simple process that can be completed online or over the phone. 
2. Receive welcome package
Vistaprint Library Image steps  ·Review the documents containing ilogy education, farewell quotes, organization tips, and an ilogy organizer to help you prepare your messages.
3. Prepare your personal and public ilogy
  ·Script out the things you would like to touch on and practice saying your messages out loud.
4. Call voice studio and record message
  ·Call our toll free number and record your ilogy on our confidential, secure system.
5. Receive voice messaging CD
  ·Within two weeks, check your mailbox for your Unspoken Words CD. Rush delivery is available.
6. Put in the hands of a trusted loved one
  ·Outline instructions in your will or share your desires with a trustee or loved one so that the CD is handled according to your wishes.
7. Review and update once a year (Optional)
  ·Consider whether revisions are necessary to keep your messages relevant.