Unspoken Words - "Messages left for a Lifetime"
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We know that our time on earth is finite, so the loss of a friend, spouse, or parent is inevitable. Still, it is one of the most painful experiences in life. The absence of their smile, their laugh, and their presence can be deeply overwhelming
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 Although it is impossible to replace the person, it is incredible how much comfort can be found in little things like old photos, cards, and mementos.
One common void that can make the mourning process infinitely more difficult, however, is regret over unspoken words. It is the uninvited guest that is all too often present at funerals and during the time following. Dr. Ira Byock argues that it doesn’t have to be this way. She explains, “we live each moment just a heartbeat away from death, at risk of losing everyone we love. We can't change this sobering fact of life, but we can ensure that on any given day we have said the things that we would most want the important people in our lives to know.”
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Vistaprint Library Image Unspoken Words is a unique messaging service created to help you ensure that you do just that. We assist you in planning and recording final words that will bring your loved ones a tangible sense of comfort after you pass.
Eulogies are a traditional, acceptable part of funeral oration. While they play an important role in the service, your words should play a part too. Your message (called your ilogy) has the potential to bring love, laughter, and healing during a time of sorrow and loss better than any eulogy ever possibly could. This pre-recorded message is to be played at the day of your Funeral.
...the best gift you can leave your family and friends... it's like having
There is a well known quote that says, “When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.” Most of us never know the hour that we will become but a treasured memory. We understand that it is impossible to replace a person’s laugh, smile, and presence once they are gone, but we fully believe that there is no greater gift that you could leave behind than to have left no words unspoken.  Why not take a little time now to create something that will help others celebrate your time together. What do you want your friends to know? What does your spouse need to hear from you? What might your parents like to hear? What words of wisdom do you have to share with your children that they can tuck deep in their soul? Let us help you with the details of planning your public and personal ilogies, and the technical part of recording and securing them. By permanently preserving these special messages for your loved ones, you can pass with no regrets and they can move forward with a full heart.